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Restoration Works International
Rebuild - Renew - Prosper



Restoration Works International helps communities around the world protect their cultural heritage and prosper through preservation and renewal of their historic structures using volunteer tourism as the catalyst.

At RWI, we believe preserving and renewing historic structures helps communities to prosper. We believe that by bringing people of different cultures together to restore buildings of historic importance, we can help communities in developing countries achieve economic benefit.

We believe that rebuilding, renewing and protecting cultural heritage advances sustainable development, provides opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and helps communities proudly celebrate their unique place in the world. We believe in the value of work as the universal language that connects an individual’s commitment to a group effort, benefiting the larger community.

For the last 10 years we have been working on the restoration of the centuries old Gompa in Chhairo Nepal.  We are excited to announce that RWI's portion of the restoration will be complete at the end of the Fall Tour this year! If you've ever considered joining us on this unforgettable adventure NOW IS THE TIME!

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Your tax deducitible contribution helps RWI expand our community based restoration work all year long.


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Volunteer in Albania, Ecuador and America with Adventures in Preservation

Restoration Works International
PO BOX 6803, Albany, CA 94706 USA

Restoration Works International (formerly Cultural Restoration Tourism Project) is a 501(c)3 organization.